About the administrative district

The administrative district shall be established for conducting state administration outside the headquarters of the state administration. (Reflecting the devolution of government operations. To facilitate the performance of tasks within the scope out of a seat of the state administration, ministries, for a particular territory detached units, set up the county’s regional units of ministries. The set of all district branch units in a particular territory is an administrative county. – Theory.

In the administrative district state administration bodies may, in its sole discretion, to exercise one or more of the following state administration tasks: to deal with administrative matters in the first instance or on appeal when they are in the first instance solved holders of public powers, to supervise the work of holders of public powers and perform inspections.

Administrative districts are established by the Government Regulation, which defines the areas and seats of administrative districts. Regulation on Administrative Districts formed the 29 administrative districts and defined names, seatings of administrative districts and areas of districts.

The state administration part that decided to perform one or more of state administration in the administrative district formed, by the act on internal organization and systematization of jobs, its regional unit of the county. The said act defines the authority of the tasks to be performed on the territory of the district. Regulation on Administrative Districts (Article 12, item 19 of the Regulation) area of Rasina administrative district consists of six municipalities: Aleksandrovac, Brus, Cicevac, Trstenik, Varvarin, a seat of the district is in Krusevac at address Balkanska 63.


In the administrative district there is a specialized department of the administrative district, in charge of professional and technical support to the Prefecturere (Chief of the administrative district) for district activities common to all regional offices. Professional Service of the administrative district is managed by the Prefecturer, which decides on the rights and duties of employees in the expert service.

The ministry responsible for administrative affairs supervise the purpose of professional services in administrative district, monitors the competence of its employees and issue her instructions.

On the professional service of the administrative district the regulations of the state administration are applied. The scope of work, the number of officers and employees, as well as the job description, Professional Service, are described in detail in the Regulations on internal organization and job classification of administrative districts. (Personnel, legal, operations preparation, budget execution, office work …)